MPACT covers all facets of corporate training and employee development through varied training solutions.

We offer specialized services in soft skill, communication, behavioral, leadership, motivational and team building workshops.

We cater to corporate clients, as well as individual participants through various open house workshops.

Check out our open house workshops and schedules at ‘Seminars’, and our complete list of programs at ‘Programs’

Our training programs assist and help people find success in their professional, as well as their personal life.

All our workshops are practical, experiential, role play and activity driven. This ensures the participants learn and upskill themselves in a fun and a very conducive environment.

MPACT believes in customizing its training programs as the workforce, culture and the human resource needs are different in every organization.

MPACT assists organizations in empowering its human resources and realizing their efficiency potential. The aim is to positively impact the organization’s bottom line, in the short and long run, and increase CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) and ESAT (Employee Satisfaction).

Check out our Team Building Workshops!

MPACT offers amazing Team Building Workshops that focus on a variety of aspects. Its not just a regular Team Building workshop, its unraveling your true potential in a fun environment with your colleagues!